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Getting into the cocktail: The dressing guide

While special events are always exciting, deciding what to wear to them can be a bit stressful, especially, when dress codes are involved. So, when you receive an invitation with the words ‘cocktail attire’ on it, it’s natural to feel a little daunted. After all, choosing an outfit that is appropriate while still being fabulous can be a challenge.

To ensure you turn heads while fitting in at your next event or function, here’s a small guide to help choose a hand yet elegant cocktail dress for your event.

Going through the wedding and festive season, this article talks about the what is a cocktail attire, along with some tips on fashion do’s and don’ts of what kind of cocktail dress to wear to a cocktail party.

Cocktail dress is a step down from the formal outfits and is appropriate to wear to events taking place after 5:00 PM. Cocktail attire includes a cocktail dress that doesn’t go to the floor. These can include skirts, tops, bodycon or flare dresses, that can be pulled off in silk and satin fabrics or polyester blends.

One of the most interesting things about being a girl is the ritual of getting ready for a cocktail party. Length is a factor you need to focus on, to cull a perfect cocktail dress for yourself. What makes it a cocktail dress is that ‘it’s short’! It could be of any length above the calf.

Stylish flares like an elegant A-line or a structures midi dress, set the tune for cocktails. Keep things playful with unique cuts and a touch of bling. Dress up your outfit with fun accents like contrasting pumps and dainty accessories. You can never go wrong with time honored classics like bodycon dresses and front-cut maxi dresses to flaunt your curves.

Some essential do’s and don’ts include:

  •      Select a dress that finishes at or above your calf.

  •        Don’t choose overly revealing outfits.

  •        Add playful yet sophisticated accessories.

  •         Complete your look with elegant hairstyle and makeup.

  •          Tailor your cocktail look to suit the type of cocktail occasion.

  •          Don’t wear a gown.

Cocktail attire is a standard dress code for a party which simply calls for a dress that finishes at or above the calves paired with high heels. Although cocktail looks always appear sophisticated, they can also be fun. By taking into account the occasion along with the setting and level of formality, you’ll be able to choose an ensemble that perfectly suits the day or night.